Glossary of loan terms loan

The following is a glossary of the terms used by loan and mortgage :

1- Annual Percentage Rate :
A definition intended to identify the true cost of borrowing on a loan or mortgage... and to provide the customer with a method for comparing loan or mortgage costs.

2-What Bad Credit: This is credit which has fallen into arrears or not been paid on time.... Sometimes referred to as adverse credit.

3-what Bridging Loan: A short term loan to (bridge) the period between buying a property and selling a previous one.

These are some of for the Glossary of loan terms And will add more of them in the near future only Stay tuned ..

Are secured loans common in the UK?

Over the last few years' secured loans have become an extremely popular way for UK borrowers to attain credit. Analysts believe that by 2013 the UK secured loans market will be worth approximately £11 billion pounds. The primary factors used to explain this growth, which have already been touched upon within this guide include: -

* The ability to borrow larger amounts, over longer periods of time.
* The ability to source a competitively priced loan, regardless of credit history.

However there is one other factor, which also plays a vital part in the growth of this particular loan type.
the housing market. The vast majority of applicants realise that secured loans provide the ideal vehicle to release equity from their home, especially if market conditions have been favourable. However, if economic factors were to have an adverse effect on house prices, and equity levels were to decrease as a result, it would be highly likely that the secured loans market would slow if not even decline.

Loans For The Unemployed – Types Of Loans

Have you found yourself unemployed? Are you struggling to pay off your bills also keep away from credit card debt? If you have need of a loan due to unemployment therefore this article will help.
There’s two choices of loans which are perfectly meant for this circumstance, secured and unsecured loans. Secured loans involve security, a house is commonly used. If the borrower credit score is first-rate lenders offer up to 125% of your home’s whole value. These loans have lower month to month fees along with extended repayment terms.

Guarantor loans

Guarantor loans... are the UK fastest growing guarantor loans broker.
Describes in simple detail how a guarantor loan works and who can qualify for a guaranteed unsecured loan.

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